How to Start your own Junk Removal Business

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The complete business start-up kit for someone who wants to get into junk removal without paying for a high-priced franchise. Watch the Video above to learn/see more.

Operations manual, business systems, advertising and marketing material.  We've been selling this kit online since 2007 and have sold hundreds of copies worldwide.  30-day money-back guarantee.

Why Junk Removal? These businesses succeed because:

Aging Population

An aging population means that fewer people want to undertake physical tasks.


With increasingly restrictive government rules, the city simply won't take certain things on garbage day.

Busier Lives

When two parents work all week, the last thing they want to do is spend Saturday taking junk to the landfill.

Increased Imports

We have more stuff in our lives, therefore, we make more junk. People don't fix TVs these days, they just buy a new one.

We've done the research

So you don't have to.

We worked for over two years developing a system to build and run a professional junk removal business. Before starting, we were in talks with a big international franchise. They told us our market was too small. We set out to prove them wrong…

By making a lot of initial mistakes then finally getting things right, we managed to get 646 people to call in during the first year. By year two, our volume of inquiries was up to 949 calls. That's almost 4 calls per business day and more than enough to keep our first truck busy all the time. We took the time to document everything so we could share it with others.

A Proven System

To drive YOUR success.

After two full years we successfully sold our business to an established waste removal player in our market looking to expand their "full service" offering. They are now running our junk business with two trucks and five employees. All this in a market area of only 125,000 people! Now we provide our expertise to others with this package.

Our company started in the winter with only two partners working in the business. By July, we hired our first employee and in mid-August, we got our second. Once things were up and running, we were able to focus our time and effort on marketing and sales. Picking up junk was taken care of by our employees. The big reason for our successful growth was that everyone knew what they were supposed to do. We created detailed job descriptions and organizational charts to keep the whole business running smoothly. All this work has now been done for you!

A full-scale business

With a minimal investment.

Junk removal is an excellent stand alone business. You can also operate a junk removal operation in conjunction with landscaping, lawn maintenance, handyman services, paving contractor, roofer etc. If you already own a business that operates trucks, has employees, or if your business creates a lot of junk, you benefit even more!

What kind of money can you expect from a business like this? We had our initial investment back in the first year. After 16 months, the business had gross revenues of $100,000 on a trailing 12 month period. People don’t want the hassle of taking care of their junk. They will pay you to do it!

The information contained on the CD is like having an experienced business consultant walk with you through the startup phase of your business. The forms, spreadsheets, tracking information and methods took us over a year to perfect, and you’ll have them all on day one! We don’t want everyone to take advantage of this offer, only those who are serious about getting a leg up on the world of professional and friendly junk removal.

Our Product is a Digital Download

Includes Everything You Need:

  • A detailed operations manual that will guide you through startup and expansion
  • Detailed job descriptions and organizational chart
  • Training packages for drivers and their helpers
  • A complete startup checklist to make sure you don't forget anything. You can start this business in as little as a few weeks.
  • Advertising materials made in MS Publisher which you can customize for your company including:
    • Coupons
    • Coupon holders
    • Newspaper ads
    • Flyers
    • Door hangers
    • Business cards and more
  • Marketing plans and materials.
  • Even a special section on how to compete against 1-800 “you know who"
  • Sales visuals to help your drivers and sales people speak with potential clients
  • Forms that have been developed over the course of our operation including:
    • Daily Call Logs
    • Job Metric tracking forms
    • Job work sheets/customer invoices
    • Manager's expense reports
    • Quotation slips
    • Removal stickers
    • Cash control forms
    • Deposit Blanks
  • By collecting information, our interpretive data systems can allow you to analyze your advertising spending and the performance of employees. These include:
    • Daily advertising call and advertising analysis spreadsheets
    • Job tracking and profitability metric spreadsheets
  • We have even included a driver daily operating bonus worksheet which you may choose to use to help motivate employees.

Ready to Start?

Our system has taken almost two years to perfect and hundreds of hours of testing to see what works best. This process could easily cost you thousands of dollars in trial and error. Fortunately, you can take advantage of our experience. This consulting value would be a reasonable offer at thousands of dollars.

We are offering it to you today for only $179.00. Your Purchase is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you're not happy with what you receive, let us know within 30 days and we'll refund your money. We've been selling this startup kit since 2007 and NOBODY has ever asked for their money back. You will be impressed and you can be making money hauling junk quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I am considering starting a junk removal business in our state, and I am curious as to how complete your package is for your U.S. customers. I look forward to your response.

Jim S.

Hi Jim,

Almost all of our orders have been to US customers. The package contains information and the blueprint for the setup and operation of the business. It includes forms, organizational templates and advice, training information, job descriptions (we break down the junk removal business into several different roles and teach you how to assign each role to someone. That makes sure that everything is taken care of and the customer experience is excellent.), advertising, etc.. Issues with waste disposal and special goods, ie: where do you take old car batteries? are discussed but every jurisdiction is different and that is research you will have to complete for your own local area. Also issues such as business licenses, carrier permits are local in nature and can probably be answered very easily at your local government business development office. We do include pro-forma cash flow spreadsheets that can form the basis of your business plan if you are seeking funding. (using these tools, we were able to obtain a government guaranteed small business loan.) The most important tools offered in the package are the data analysis tools. They serve to measure how efficiently you are pricing each job and another tool analyzes the effectiveness of each advertising media you are using. The first tool is important because it helps you and your employees learn quickly how to estimate and price jobs by analyzing past jobs. (in our experience, there is always a tendancy to underestimate the volume of materials when they are piled irregularly or spread out over a large area as they almost always are) The advertising analysis tools help ensure that you get a better than average ROI on your advertising investments. For example: we learned that putting up signs on power poles was very effective at increasing call volume, however, after using the analysis tool, we discovered that the conversion rate of callers into customers was the lowest with this form of advertising. We still did it because it was cheap, but the analysis tool let us know that our yellow pages ad (much more costly) was actually delivering better quality customers that spent more and had a higher conversion rate. I hope I've answered your questions. Please reply with any other question and I'll gladly answer.


What if I download it and I don't think the package is worth the price?

Peter F, UK

Easy, we'll refund 100% of your money if you're not 100% satisfied. Just get back to us within 30 days of your purchase.


How much of an investment is it-bare minimum to get started-this will let me know if this is a viable business for me to be involved in - thanks.

Dave B

My partner and I started the business with $10,000.00. $5000.00 was for the truck. We spent about $500.00 to have the box (which was a flat bed with a hoist that was used for a road sander) constructed from expanded metal. We had the metal shop construct a swing gate on the back (like barn doors). I designed the logo myself on PowerPoint. Had a sign company cut and install the decal for the truck box. This cost approx. $400.00 (three sides - see the photo in the ad or the web site). It is key to have the box have as large of letters as can fit (we discovered later that we got a huge amount of our business from the truck signage). When we did a job in a neighborhood we would hang door hangers on every door in the area; we got a huge amount of business from the truck and door hangers. We did purchase a large ad in yellow pages which was delivered to our market two months after our open. this was a monthly bill added to our phone bill, therefore no money up front. Many of the people who have purchased our package have noted that they have a business already and have a vehicle and perhaps sunk costs on employees. A business like moving businesses, contractors, etc. like the ability to generate a revenue stream during down times or off weather days / seasons. Without any knowledge of the business (or any business for that matter) we where working at capacity within approx five months. Capacity was defined by the operating hours of the land fill in our area. After reaching capacity we then began do define a method to choose and price the jobs we wanted; that was how we developed the pricing models, metrics measurements, etc. After implementing a few ideas regarding pricing and measuring advertising results we added a little better than 10% in profitability in two months. The rest of the money was saved in a bank account for a rainy day, uniforms, demolition tools, repairs etc. We have added all of the advertising we used (just change the logo and phone number), door hangers, pole signs, measurement spreadsheets, etc. I am confident you can be a year ahead of schedule from what we learned after starting our business. This is a great business. And even better if it is an add on to an existing service you have now.

Best of luck,

Hello - I came across your opportunity on the internet and had a question for you. I live a U.S state with a similar population of what you describe in your area. We have a population of about 125,000 where I live. I currently have a Handyman business and I was considering junk removal. After looking at your opportunity, it appears that your business model takes the approach of having employees, etc. You also mention that this can be a great add on service to a Handyman business. I work by myself and I am really not interested in starting immediately with any employees. My questions is, would your guide help someone like me that is interested in placing some separate ads in addition to my handyman service ads offering junk removal? I am not looking for a get rich quick plan or anything, I think it would be great if I was getting a 2-3 calls a week and making an extra say $1,000 per month. Is your guide for someone like me? Hopefully my questions make sense. Please advise.

John W.

Hi John,
We have had roofers, carpenters and other handyman operators buy our system and they say it works very well. Also, you can have an opportunity to cross-promote both businesses if, for example, you put out a door hanger or distributed a flyer. Sometimes it is easier to have a helper for loading things like couches but you can certainly use this information even if you're starting out by yourself. In particular, the marketing materials will be a huge help as most small business operators rarely want to devote the time to creating these types of tools or spending the money to have them made. Your sales and income expectations are actually a little low so I would be confident in telling you that you should be able to make the extra income you are looking for even if you work by yourself.


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How to Start your own Junk Removal Business

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