The DCB Cash Flow Forecasting and Business Plan Writing Program

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The program will teach entrepreneurs how to build a small business financial forecast and business plan.

This can be useful to determine if a new business idea is viable or to help plan and negotiate a small business purchase.

It would be a critical tool in approaching lenders and investors.

Over the course of the program, new modules were released each week and participants were asked for feedback.  

Once you sign up, you have lifetime access to the materials.

Course Plan- 

Who is the program for?

  • Buyers or starters of businesses
  • These plans and forecasts are for Main St. Businesses
  • Gross Profit under $2M

Who is it NOT for?

  • Investors in publicly traded things
  • Wall Street Types

WEEK #1-Introduction

What we’re going to be building and why it’s unique.

• Startups vs. buying

• Canvass and/or SWOT. 

WEEK #1-Sales Forecasts

• Cash businesses

• Sales cycle businesses

• Lead and conversion businesses

• Customers on terms

• Project and deposit forecasts

WEEK #2-Direct Expenses

• Cost of Goods Sold

• Cost of Sales

• Markup/Margin

• When Labor is in the Cogs and when it is not

WEEK #3 Labor & Scheduling

WEEK #3 Overhead Expenses

• Stories

• Changes over time

• Overheads

• Timeliness of expense recognition

• Capital Equipment

WEEK #4 Financing Activities

• Loans

• Leases

Week #5 Income Statements and Bank Balance

• Opening balance and changes in cash

• Making the income statement

• Forecasting Line of Credit needs for operating capital

Week #5 Sales Taxes

• Sales tax reconciliation

Week #6

• Expanding to 3 years

• Calculating Depreciation

• Paying Income Taxes, knowing what number is subject to tax

• Creating the Balance Sheets

• Opening and forecast Balance Sheets

Week #7

• Dividing the forecast into years

• Changing the businesses and/or deals to make the businesses work

• Ratios and commentary

Week #8

• Funding Program

• Financing Operating Losses

• Presenting Sources of Equity

Week #9

• Business Plan template

• The sections and components of a business plan

• Epoxy Flooring Company Sample Biz Plan

Week #10

• Formatting the spreadsheets

Week #11

• Putting together a business plan for a new business

Week #12

• Putting together a business plan for a business purchase

• Presenting normalized historical financials

What some students are saying:

I have a bachelor's in Finance and a master's in Business Administration. Worked as a commercial credit analyst writing financing reports for a bank and investment analysis for many years. I can say your cash flow forecasting and business plan writing course has been one of the best training programs I've ever seen for that subject. It is very clean, well broken out, well-described, with the bonus of learning Microsoft Excel throughout the training. I was surprised how much I learned that I had never known before. 

It is really nice being able to watch and learn how to build an income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement, starting from scratch with estimates of the future potential of a business. 

Also, learning how to write a summary business plan that will be appreciated by bankers and investors alike, was super helpful and very informative. 

Really appreciate the work you do, expect I will continue learning much from you in the future. 

-Cody from OK

I can't imagine having the level of confidence I have today if it weren't for the Cash Flow Forecasting and Business Planning course.

The skills and knowledge I obtained have marked a true turning point in my business buying journey.  

I apply multiple aspects of this course on a daily basis and, for me this course is the single largest contributor affecting my level of confidence and ability to achieve my goals. 

Thank you!

-Chris K. PA

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The DCB Cash Flow Forecasting and Business Plan Writing Program

11 ratings
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