Invest Local: a guide to superior investment returns in your own community

David Barnett
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Invest Local is a peek into the experience of local deal-making expert David Barnett. His experience and education in business brokerage, small business financing and private finance deals gives him an insight into what's wrong with the common financial planning advice available today and how you can make higher investment returns while reducing risk and helping your local community.

This is not a book about social enterprises or charity. This is a book which guides you on how to find and obtain superior returns in the community where you live, without paying fees to the financial industry.

Barnett offers step-by-step guidance on how to earn returns ranging from 9% to infinity by doing car leases, secured loans, inventory financing, buying accounts receivables, financing mini and mobile homes, operating leases on machinery and more.

High yield investing does not have to mean high-risk investing.

5-Star Rating on Amazon.

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