How to Sell My Own Business: A guide to selling your own business privately and not pay a broker's commission

David Barnett
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GET INSIDER SECRETS on how to sell your own business.

For years David C Barnett met with business owners and showed them that he could get them the maximum value for their business, now he shares these secrets with you.

When it comes time to retire, divest or simply move on to something else and you want to sell your business; read this book. You’ll learn:

  • When you should use a qualified business broker and when you should not
  • How to sort the qualified brokers from the charlatans
  • How the process should work
  • What you should pay for a good broker’s services
  • What telltale signs to avoid

What if you decide to sell it yourself? You’ll learn:

  • The process of ‘For Sale by Owner’ private business sales
  • How to properly impress a buyer
  • How not to scare off a buyer with rookie DIY mistakes
  • How to find the right help for certain specific tasks that brokers usually do for their clients

In the end, if you want to do the work, you too can sell your own business and save paying a broker’s commission.

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