Business Buyer Advantage: Group Coaching Program

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--This is the follow up group coaching program and community for people who have already completed the Business Buyer Advantage: Online Training course available here: 

Watch the Video above to learn more about Business Buyer Advantage: Group Coaching

Program Outline:

The Group Coaching program helps prospective business buyers prepare themselves and holds people accountable to the actions that they will take to realize their dream of buying a small business.

Within the program, new users will catch up by going through a 12 module self-preparation program.

DealMaker members get to take advantage of a monthly private call with me.

When deals are found, members can have them reviewed with David Barnett and this will be shared with the other members.

Members have the opportunity to interact with each other in the group's private FaceBook group.  

Special guest speakers come each month to share added value to the group and speak about topics relating to business transactions, transition or SME management skills that will be important to new owners.

If you're motivated and need help to find the perfect business to buy, Business Buyer Advantage: Group Coaching is for you.

Explorer Membership gives you access to the group calls, the member spotlight calls, expert calls and the private FaceBook group.

Deal-maker Members get a monthly call with me to track their progress and get some one-on-one feedback (see video above)

Tycoon Members get 10 hour-long calls over the course of the quarter.

Still not sure if joining the is for you?  Invest 22 minutes with me and I'll answer your questions:

Note- All products priced in USD.

Meet some of the members who shared their story and thoughts about the group for the 5th Anniversary:

What others are saying...

Hi Dave,

I am sitting in my office this morning dealing with a few too many things at once.  :)  But I must have taken a moment to breathe and be thankful and thought I would send out some encouragement to whoever might be where I was about 18 months ago.  Please share as you like.

I have been wanting to own my own business for years and years but one of the key things that allowed me to have the courage to go for it was your question: “What are you going to miss out on if you do not buy a business now?”  I thought of the financial benefits of course.  But also the potential freedom and flexibility.  And especially the autonomy.  I grew up in a family business so I knew what this could look like.

K. and I realized that my job that looked amazing to everyone else was eating me from the inside out.

At that point my fear of NOT buying a business became greater than my fear of buying a business.  My resolve hardened.

Now K. and I have freedom and responsibility that we are loving!  And the business we found has exceeded our expectations significantly!  We are expecting over 40% sales growth by using skills we learned in our previous roles.  Many of our past contacts are reaching out to work for us or work with us!  Those hours put in working for others now are paying off for us!

Thanks for your encouragement through this process and thanks also to the members of the group who were my lifeline during my search.

This is a great group to be part of. Members have a wide range of experiences, all smart people with rich business backgrounds, what makes the group interactions always very helpful.

-Pieter in Saskatchewan

Dave has the ability to quickly see through the fog which are the most relevant issues and he quickly points people in the right direction.

I’ve been in multiple group interactions during the calls and in the Facebook group.

Participating in the Adventure Group accelerates the understanding of what truly works in acquiring a small business, how to interact with brokers, how to approach buyers, what to watch for. It’s a great way to leverage a collective knowledge.

I haven’t bought my business yet. Being in the group likely already helped me avoid buying something I shouldn’t have bought and helped me better define what is a good fit for me.

I’m staying in the group for the foreseeable future and highly recommend people to join, if they are serious about buying a business.

Marcelo from Toronto.

“I’ve been a member over a year, in addition to in depth education, there is a valuable osmosis component hearing a variety of live scenarios, I’d recommend this group to those highly focused as well as those just getting started”. 

UPDATE: Mike bought a flood restoration business.

Mike S. Orange County, CA

Happy three year anniversary! I took the Advantage program and I am just getting started with the Adventure program. I really love the thoroughness and the data-driven, level headed approach Dave takes to buying a business. In an acquisition with both significant potential but also large downside risk. I think that I will be well prepared to make the right decision and limit my downside. Keep up the great work!

UPDATE: J bought a large-project cabinetry business.

JH from New Jersey, USA

Hi Dave

Thanks for the program, it was very interesting. We didn't end up buying a business, but at least four times we have avoided bad deals offered by brokers or sellers.

Actually the very first business we saw was exciting enough to make a deal, luckily we already knew the concept of subsidizing a business with free hours by the owners, and realized it was a death trap.

So we think at least in this sense it was time and money well spent.


Gregory and Marina, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Even though I didn't buy a business, I found the adventure group to be very educational and supportive.

It was very helpful to hear other business buyer's real-lfie examples of the problems they were encountering during the search and acquisition process, and the potential solutions you advised.

Mark S.

How the group helped me:


  • The numerous ways to negotiate and structure deals
  • Different levels of motivated sellers
  • Most small business owners want $1M for their business just to buy their dream home
  • Deal flow is key
  • To continue to follow up even after your offer has been turned down. You never know what the seller will be going through in the future
  • Make multiple offers. Examples include seller financing, cash on closing but low price, contingent on future performance.

Bought a business: No

Oswaldo from Austin, TX

"David has the knowledge and experience to help anyone find the freedom and fulfillment of taking ownership of their life. The adventure group is similar goaled individuals looking to buy a business. We were able to talk through real life deals several times a month. The exchange helps you draw from others on something that is not well known to many people. It help me personally think through deals, do the work to model the opportunities and discuss best negotiation practices. If you're on the fence, leap off and sign up." 

 -Bryan from Nashville, TN

"I feel like there is a whole team of people supporting the seller in the transaction and a lot of the time it's very lonely for the buyer. Who do you turn to? Who do you confide in? Who helps you understand if your thinking is clear? For me, this has been the biggest value that I've had from being in the Adventure group."

-N.A. in QLD, Australia, Bought an industrial business.

On Average, the group has 20-25 members. As of August 2023, 22 current and past members have bought 35 businessess.


Included are:

Next Step Program
12 self-study modules
One-on-one review
Help to focus on your target business
Monthly Expert Calls
Content you don't see on my free Channel
Member Spotlight Calls
Meet your fellow Adventurers
Private FaceBook Group
A place to meet the other team members
3* Monthly Adventure Calls
Open Q&A Calls for all members
Historical Archive
Listen to all calls back to May 2018
More one-on-one time with David
Deal-Maker and Tycoon members get more time with me each month
DealMaker Dashboard
A weekly planning tool to guide your acquisition efforts
Due Diligence List and Seller Disclosure
Vital to understanding what we need to verify in doing a deal.
Target Lists
Subscription database for US and Canada to help create your off-market deal flow.
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Business Buyer Advantage: Group Coaching Program

10 ratings