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21 Stupid Things People do When Trying to Buy a Business

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21 Stupid Things People do When Trying to Buy a Business

David Barnett
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Want to break free of the shackles of corporate life? 

Want to control your own destiny and set your own hours, priorities and life direction? 

Simple, become an entrepreneur and start a business! 

Don’t like the risk of starting and want to buy a successful business instead?

Ok, just don’t do these stupid mistakes that I see novice business buyers make over and over and over again.

Every day thousands of really awful businesses go up for sale and thousands of good businesses go up for sale with outrageously inflated asking prices. Many of these businesses will sell to people who simply have no idea what they’re getting into and don’t know how to get the right guidance or advice. Invest some time and learn from the mistakes that I’ve observed through my years as a business broker and private sale transaction adviser.

You really can learn from other peoples’ mistakes and make yourself a better deal…. Or know when to go home and leave your money in the bank.

Learn more about how you can realize your dream of owning your own business at http://www.BusinessBuyerAdvantage.com

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